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Workout Camps : Football

For eleven years the SCOUT CAMP Regional Combines have provided the teams in the NFL, NFL Europe (formerly the World League), CFL and Arena Football League with accurate, professional and verified data and video on the most talented football players available.

Players tested and evaluated at SCOUT CAMP combines have been signed by every team in the National Football League, NFL Europe (formerly the World League), Canadian Football League and Arena Football League, a total of over 975 signings and counting.

NFL draft eligible college seniors, pro football veterans and qualified free agent football players seeking contracts in the NFL, NFL Europe, CFL and AFL attend one of several nationwide SCOUT CAMP locations where they are timed, filmed and evaluated by pro scouts.

The comprehensive and officially authorized printed and online reports generated after each Regional Combine are distributed to all NFL, NFL Europe, CFL and Arena Football teams.

For more information on SCOUT CAMP Regional Combines please contact the Sports-Management.com Personal Advisor nearest you.

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