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Marketing & Endorsements : Sports Unlimited

Sports Unlimited is an agency that represents athletes, sports talent, and healthy active individuals. The agency supplies talent for television, film & video, commercials, infomercials, print, catalog, CD ROM, and promotional events.

Sports Unlimited offers a range of skilled athletes, from outdoor activities such as stunts, rock climbing, white-water kayaking; to traditional sports like baseball, basketball, track & field; to leisure activities such as fly-fishing, canoeing, and golf.

Starting with 10 athletes in 1991, Sports Unlimited now represents over 900 talent with over 80 professional and Olympic athletes. The agency also has a "Lifestyle" division, offering talent in all age categories that represent a healthy active lifestyle.

Sports Unlimited's talent have graced the covers of such publications as Fitness Magazine, The Men's Journal, and Best of Health. Its talent has appeared in Super Bowl Commercials, the Donahue Show, and in magazine advertisements from Sports Illustrated and People to Shape and Rolling Stone.

A few of Sports Unlimited's clients include:

  • NIKE
  • Olympic sponsor POWERADE

For more information on what Sports-Management.com and Sports Unlimited can do for you, please contact the Personal Advisor nearest you.


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