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Personal Advisors

Ramón J. Rodríguez
Atlanta, Georgia,  USA

  • Master of Sports Science (in progress), United States Sports Academy
  • Graduate of SMC's Professional Athlete Management Course
  • Master of Arts in Spanish, Michigan State University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, The University of Georgia

- CFLPA Registered Contract Advisor

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Ramón J. Rodríguez & Sports-Management.com proudly represent:

- Shawn Faust – Point Guard – University of West Florida    (Detailed Stats)
- Chris Lane – Wide Receiver – Western Carolina University    (Detailed Stats)

Ramón J. Rodríguez’s Personal Advisor Bio

On Sports-Management.com:

As a proud member of Sports-Management.com's team of personal advisors, it is my duty to adhere to the highest moral standards, and to establish a fiduciary relationship with those who employ the services of our agency. My goal is to provide my respective client with a range of services that completely satisfies his/her professional and personal needs. That is why we work hand-in hand with highly trained individuals in the fields of: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Law, Personal and Career Counseling, and many others, so that we may address every need that the client may have now or in the future. Since our obligation to the client extends far beyond contractual negotiations, I feel it is necessary to make myself indispensable to the client, regardless of logistics or time. Furthermore, I always welcome and encourage the client's interest and involvement in the handling of his/her affairs as to ensure that he/she is comfortable with assigning me such great responsibility. I truly believe this philosophical stance gives the client a sense of ease, and therefore allows the athlete to completely focus on his/her professional career. Thus, it is my hope that this combination of a strong moral code and profound concern for my clientele's best interests will build a strong, lasting relationship, both professional and personal, with each and every one of my future clients. I thank you for your time, and consideration of our services.

Sincerely yours,

- Ramón J. Rodríguez

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