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Personal Advisors

David Jury
Finleyville, PA

  • Business Management/Slippery Rock University
  • Sports Management/Oregon University
- Graduate of the Sportsmanagement-U

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David Jury’s Personal Advisor Bio

On Sports-Management.com:

Everyday, many inspiring athletes fall short of turning their dreams into reality. Today, there are many hurdles that athletes have to cross alone to achieve their ultimate dream - turning professional. In the many cases, the most common excuses are "Their skill level is not up to standards." or "They're not big enough or fast enough to make the cut." The favorite one of all, "Look at the level at which they competed."

Over many years, I helped develop many top athletes at the high school, college, and professional levels. I have trained athletes in many sports over my time; as a high school, Division I, and private coach. Thanks to Sports-Management.com, I can help many more reach their full potential and dreams.

- David Jury

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